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... Kids learn app, web and game development
... Mentors from Harvard, Google, Facebook
... 1:1 teaching for maximum child focus
... Certificate on completion
... Flexi schedule, Pause during exams


Our teachers are from and our curriculum is designed by people from

5 star tutor rating5 star tutor rating5 star tutor rating5 star tutor rating5 star tutor rating

Trusted by parents like you across UAE and KSA.

Skillza believes in happiness and memories created by activities like laughter, love and learning.

“My 10 year old son has developed interest in coding after doing the course. He is a sharper kid and thinks more logically. During these times of the pandemic, my son continues his learning and makes better use of his screen time.”

Dina Abdulmuttaleb

My daughter seems to have fallen in love with the Skillza course. The curriculum is personalized to her age and I love how I even get constant feedback about her progress. Surely recommending it to all my friends in Abu Dhabi.

Sandeep Srinivasa

The course is a must for kids to develop analytical thinking and logical reasoning. This is something I've always wanted to give my kid and that curricular courses don't focus much on.

Tasleema Shah

This is so much more than just a coding course. Coding knowledge and computer science is just one of the skills my kid is learning apart from an overall development. Thank you so much Skillza!

Adeel Warsi

Our Curriculum


10 sessions

  • What will your kid learn?
    Intro to programming, commands, Input/Output, Sequences, Bugs and Debugging, Loops, Sprites, Variables, Events, Actions, Behavior, Basic game design, Drawing with angles and pixels, Creating animations

  • What will your child do?
    Create an animation using code

  • How will it benefit your child?
    Increases logical thinking skills by 60%


25 sessions

  • What will your kid learn?
    All of Crawl +
    Variables, Conditionals, Nested Loops, Functions, For Loops, While Loops, Until Loops, Drawing complicated shapes with turtle programming.

  • What will your child do?
    Create an animation using code and design an app

  • How will it benefit your child?
    Increases logical thinking skills by 60% and enhances problem-solving skills


50 sessions

  • What will your kid learn?
    All of Walk +
    Line programming, Web designing, Introduction to data and databases, Building js based apps, Creating animations, Designing games + Many Projects

  • What will your child do?
    Create animations using code, build an app, design a game, learn cybersecurity and create their own personal website.

  • How will it benefit your child?
    Increases logical-thinking skills by 60%, develop analytical-thinking skills, enhances problem-solving skills, boosts creativity, computational-thinking skills

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Meet our coding champions

Viaan Dev

Viaan Dev
Gems Our Own English School, Dubai
Age: 7 years
Plan: Run

Viaan Dev

Emmanuel Richie
Ryan International School, Sharjah
Age: 10 years
Plan: Run

Viaan Dev

Eira Anand
Gems Modern Academy, Dubai
Age: 9 years
Plan: Run

Viaan Dev

Borna Dorri
Repton School, Dubai
Age: 11 years
Plan: Crawl

Meet some of our teachers

Gouthami SN - Ex-Google, Reuters, Wipro
Gouthami SN
Ex-Google, Reuters, Wipro
Anjali Masurkar - Entrepreneur, London School of Economics
Anjali Masurkar
Entrepreneur, London School of Economics
Nilufer D - Product Manager,, Dubai
Nilufer D
Ecommerce Product Manager,, KSA
Gouthami SN - Ex-Google, Reuters, Wipro
Amrita Gandhi
Software Engineer, Larsen & Toubro Infotech

Why should your child learn to code?

Researchers believe that 800 Mn jobs will move to Artificial Intelligence (A.I) & Robotics in the next few years. If started early, Coding can develop a child's problem solving and structured thinking ability and prepare them for the future. Coding is the new literacy.

Improves logic and analytical skills

Studies suggest that kids who code do better in school. Coding at early ages has shown upto 83% improvement in math and logic.

Stimulates left and right brain

Coding balances left and right brain, convergent and divergent thinking, to enable peak creative expression.

Builds confidence and other life skills

Coding strengthens every part of your kid's life from analytical skills to attention to detail & persistence.

Building block to a future career

Coding or computer programming skills are no more niche subjects. They have become essentials in today's tech driven world.

Improved Mathematical Aptitude

Your kids learn decomposition, abstraction, pattern recognition and algorithmic thinking to solve problems logically, a necessity for scoring top of charts in Math Olympiads or IB entrances

Helps in creative expression

Your kid will use code to build their own games, animation and apps. Skillza courses can enhance their creativity by upto 80%.

Give your kids the childhood they deserve.

Feed your kid's curiosity
From basic logical puzzles to professional app development, Skillza's curriculum elevates your kid's learning with a variety of activities.

Build their confidence
Grow your learner’s confidence in and out of the classroom with live video classes and prepares them for their future.

Find the right tutor
Our 99.9th percentile teachers consist of professional educators, industry experts, thought leaders and inspired adults with passion and expertise to share.
Our approved kids teachers consist of professional educators and inspired adults with an expertise to share.

Let your kids stay home, stay safe during this covid-19 lockdown

At Skillza, We are building a school of the future — bringing 21st century skills that are 10x better than status quo to k-12 students located in the MENA region.

Anand Satyan
Founder and Tutor at Skillza

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